Grab Your Copy of PC-BSD®

PC-BSD® comes in many different flavors.  We have a full featured version of PC-BSD® that will include a ton of packages for maximum configuration potential right from the disk, as well as a minimal sized netinstall image that has only the bare bones installer and grabs your packages on the fly.  Whatever you need, PC-BSD® has you covered.


For more information on writing to a USB device please see: writing to a USB device.  

Please note that you must use the .img file to burn to a USB device on 11.0-Current TrueOS / PC-BSD.  The .iso image is no longer hybrid.

Complete ISO installer

            PC-BSD Desktop 10.3 - 3.8GB - (HTTP)
            PC-BSD Desktop 10.3 - SHA256

            PC-BSD Desktop 10.3 - USB - 4.2 - (HTTP)
            PC-BSD Desktop 10.3 - USB - SHA256

            TrueOS Server 10.3 - 824MB (HTTP)
            TrueOS Server 10.3 - SHA256

Netinstall ISO installer

(Requires internet connection during installation to download packages)

            PC-BSD Desktop 10.3 - 648MB - (HTTP)
            PC-BSD Desktop 10.3 - SHA256

            PC-BSD Desktop 10.3 - USB - 692MB - (HTTP)
            PC-BSD Desktop 10.3 - USB - SHA256

            TrueOS Server 10.3 - 385MB (HTTP)
            TrueOS Server 10.3 - SHA256

PC-BSD Torrent

            PC-BSD Desktop 10.3 DVD - (Torrent)


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