The PC-BSD® Team is Dedicated to Your Privacy

    In the day and age of so many operating systems there are many things that set PC-BSD® apart, but one of the biggest things we are most proud of is our commitment to your privacy and our dedication to making sure your system is secure.  That's why with PC-BSD® you can rest assured there are absolutely NO trackers that are installed when you set up your system.  That's right.  You don't have to worry what statistics or information about your PC are being sent back to PC-BSD® update servers because no data is being collected.  We don't have data mining servers that acquire your information and then resell it to make money and we NEVER will.  

    PC-BSD® is different because our philosophy is different.  We are built from the ground up to ensure your data is safe and secure, the way it's meant to be.  We include utilities to help maintain privacy on the internet such as easy-click Tor mode and local privacy utilities such as Stealth Sessions and PersonaCrypt.  To further ensure transparency the PC-BSD® project is fully open source with the PC-BSD® code repository available at Github.  If you ever have any questions about security or have any suggestions how we can improve, we want to hear about it.  Your privacy will always be our #1 priority.