PC-BSD® with Lumina Desktop

PC-BSD® has lots of resources for newcomers to our community. Our Handbook covers common tasks and helps put you in control.

World Class Support and Documentation

PC-BSD® documentation is written by talented and knowledgeable members of our community. New users looking to get to know PC-BSD® a little better can benefit enormously from the User's Handbook.  If you have a question there's a great chance that it's answered in the PC-BSD® handbook.  Make sure to to check it out and dive right in to PC-BSD®.

PC-BSD® Handbook

The PC-BSD® Handbook is a great place to look if you have a question and need a quick answer. It's a wealth of information at your fingertips so make sure to check it out.

Mailing Lists

Want to be as up to date as possible? The PC-BSD® community has an abundance of mailing lists, and best of all anyone can subscribe keeping you up to date on various PC-BSD® related news.


Check out our FAQ to find answers to some of the more basic questions on PC-BSD and get help fast.